Training Activities
Training activities conducted at NWSTF Boardman provide Navy and Oregon National Guard personnel the opportunity to train regularly with weapons and equipment in order to understand their capabilities, limitations and operation. Training is focused on preparing military personnel for worldwide deployment and includes:
  • Conducting air combat maneuvers within special use airspace where aircraft engage in offensive and defensive maneuvering against each other, in addition to instrument training, in-flight refueling, basic familiarization training and formation flying.
  • Conducting electronic combat training, including intercepting, identifying and locating enemy emitters, and preventing or reducing the effective use of enemy electronic equipment.
  • Conducting bombing and missile exercises (nonexplosive), in addition to live-fire training activities against ground targets.
  • Performing research, development, test and evaluation activities on unmanned aerial systems, which are used to obtain activity information of opposing forces.
  • Performing activities from the air that train military forces to deliver and extract equipment and personnel using a variety of techniques.
  • Conducting flight training for the Oregon National Guard Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System.
  • Conducting rotary and fixed wing flight training for the Oregon National Guard.