Range Management and Safety
The ability of the U.S. Navy and Oregon National Guard to use Naval Weapons Systems Training Facility (NWSTF) Boardman for testing and training U.S. military personnel in preparation for deployment is vital for the U.S. military mission. At the same time, the Navy and Oregon National Guard recognize that there may be potential impacts associated with military training and testing activities.

The Navy and Oregon National Guard strive to achieve and maintain sound emergency and fire response and range management practices and recognize the interests and concerns of the local community. Active steps are taken to address and minimize negative effects of training and testing activities to the extent practicable.
Fires at NWSTF Boardman
The semi-arid climate at NWSTF Boardman provides ideal, realistic training opportunities for the Navy and Oregon National Guard; however, conducting training activities in this arid climate also has the potential to cause wildfires. NWSTF Boardman is susceptible to fires originating from three sources:
  • On-base and off-base lightning strikes
  • On-base military training activities
  • Other on-base and off-base human activities
Fire Management Practices
Effective fire management is critical to ensure the safety of the public, military personnel and wildlife. Current fire management strategies consist of using fire breaks and other fire prevention methods, allowing NWSTF Boardman personnel a chance to either extinguish the fire or obtain assistance from outside agencies to help extinguish the fire before it spreads to larger areas.
Fire Prevention
The Navy and Oregon National Guard have established various fire prevention methods, such as:
  • Restricting the use of ammunition and pyrotechnic devices at certain times of the year
  • Designating smoking areas
  • Conducting personnel briefings
Improvements in Fire Management
A revised fire management strategy is currently being developed for NWSTF Boardman for acquiring newer equipment, training staff as wildland firefighters and using the existing road system as the initial attack fireline where Navy and Oregon National Guard personnel and equipment would have rapid access to fight a fire. The aim of the recommended fire management strategy is to fight fires at the roads to prevent firefighting crews from traveling cross-country to create new fire breaks.

The recommended fire management strategy will include requirements and improvements of:
  • Fire breaks
  • Personnel
  • Equipment
  • Water caching
  • Range controls
  • Post-fire rehabilitation and management
Public Access to NWSTF Boardman
Due to the nature of military training activities, public access to NWSTF Boardman is limited for safety reasons. All military and civilian personnel, researchers and visitors are required to:
  • Obtain approval to access the range
  • Receive a Ground Access Safety Brief
  • Acquire a valid Access Range Brief Certification Card
  • Schedule ground access