Importance of the NWSTF Boardman Study Area
More than 47,000 acres of land are available within the boundaries of NWSTF Boardman and approximately 490 square miles of special use airspace are available above the Boardman area, creating many opportunities for military training. NWSTF Boardman has a unique combination of attributes that make it an ideal training venue, including:

The location of NWSTF Boardman and its supporting components allow military readiness training to be conducted to properly build critical skills required for deploying military service men and women and developing systems for their use. It is the only location identified by the Oregon National Guard’s Land Use Requirements Study that would meet its training requirements.

Available resources
NWSTF Boardman is a unique national range asset that derives its value from its training capabilities and its location close to Navy and Oregon National Guard training units. Factors that make NWSTF Boardman uniquely suited to its mission include:

  • Proximity to the homeport of Navy units in the Pacific Northwest
  • Proximity to Oregon National Guard military units and their families
  • Land that is currently owned by the federal government
  • Areas with at least 9,000 undeveloped acres available
  • Areas capable of sustaining simultaneous training activities
  • Areas with terrain appropriate to accommodate the training ranges
  • Land and air training opportunities, including air-to-ground activities
  • Preservation of the only restricted airspace in Oregon for military training

Area of training space
Approximately 490 square miles of military airspace and more than 47,000 acres of land are available within the boundaries of NWSTF Boardman, creating numerous opportunities for training military forces.